Dr. Abdelkerim REZGUI - Partner / CEO

"Unlocking Insights, Powering Decisions, Shaping a Sustainable Future"

BI4YOU founder and expert in business/artificial intelligence, decision making, and sustainability.

Passionate about empowering organizations with data-driven insights. He has been at the forefront of driving transformative change since founding BI4YOU in 2011. Known for a collaborative approach and a dedication to sharing expertise, Abdelkerim is committed to helping clients harness the power of data for informed decision making and sustainable growth.

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Dr. Jamal Al Saeedi - Partner / CEO UAE

"Knowledge Unleashed, Opportunities Unlocked, Futures Transformed

In 2023, Jamal Al Saeedi joined BI4YOU with a clear objective of driving the success of the company in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE. His strategic expertise and leadership skills position him to make a significant impact on BI4YOU's growth in the region. With his extensive experience in various fields and his deep understanding of the local business landscape, Jamal aims to propel BI4YOU forward and establish a strong presence in the Middle East market.

#Sustainability #AI #BI #MiddleEast #UAE

Msc. Selim Bouraoui - Partner / CEO FRANCE

"Driving Growth, Building Partnerships, Empowering Success Together"

Dedicated business partner at BI4YOU since 2015. With expertise in BI/AI, business development and key account management, Selim plays a vital role in driving our growth and success. His strategic mindset, client-centric approach, and passion for innovation make him an invaluable asset to our team. With Selim's leadership, we are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic business landscape and deliver exceptional results for our valued clients.

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Msc. Anis Wesleti - Manager / Solution Architect

"Illuminating Data, Unleashing Potential, Empowering Success through Insights"

BI enthusiast who has joined BI4YOU since 2012. As a manager and solution architect, he passionately supports customers in their BI projects while guiding our development team. Strong leadership and technical acumen make him a trusted advisor in the realm of BI. With his unwavering commitment to excellence, Anis is instrumental in driving the success of BI initiatives and empowering our clients to harness the power of their data.

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Msc. M-Amin Hajji - Manager / Solution Architect

"Unleashing Technological Potential, Guiding Innovation for Empowering Results"

M-Amin has joined BI4YOU since 2016. With a deep passion for technology in BI and AI, he excels as a manager and solution architect. While his role as the technology watch expert ensures our company remains on the cutting edge. With M-Amin's guidance, our team delivers exceptional results and leverages advanced technologies for insightful solutions. He is a valued asset, driving innovation and empowering our clients with the latest advancements in the field.

#Partnership #AI #BI #Commitment #Success